4IP Council Interviews: Share your experience on Intellectual Property

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Our colleagues at 4iP Council, love interviewing startups´and SMEs’ founders and share their story with their readers. They like to ask about the development of the idea, the mission of the company and their personal journey with IP (when and how did they learn about IP, what was the trigger, how has IP helped their businesses, etc.). 

The goal is to talk about Intellectual Property from a personal perspective and as part of a business strategy with real life examples that other startups and SMEs can relate to. Also, they like to feature and give exposure to startups and SMEs that believe in what they do, that have a dream to improve lives in their own way and are on the right track to make it happen!

This is the last interview they published: https://www.4ipcouncil.com/features/materials-future-without-plastic. You can find al the interviews here: https://www.4ipcouncil.com/features

If as a member of a European startup or SME you are interested in sharing your experience in the field of IP and how you manage it, please send an email to jrodriguez@bluspecs.com.

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