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We connect our SMEs and start-ups with big enterprises to potentiate the creation of pilots or PoC in different sectors


We Can Do it All

IoT Next Club provides a set of activities to help the SME’s and the start-ups to improve their businesses

Learning Cases

We provide to our SMEs and start-ups a set of learning cases on technology implementation. Our partners are one of the most valuable assests of the club.


IoT Next Club presents every month a group of SMEs and their core businesses


IoT Next Club helps the members by providing critical topics through webinar sessions – Data Privacy, IoT Security, Cloud Security, Smart Cities, Future of Energy

Networking sessions

The club brings together SMEs in a interactive coffee break, sharing their knowledge and expertise within different members.


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Research & Analysis

Through our presence in international events, we look for potential members to join our community and find ways to address their key challenges


Based on the type of members we have and the verticals they operate, we fit the activities with their business and increase the impact and the value generated to our members

Execute & Monitor

IoT Next Club runs specific activities every month and uses the community we have to find potential ways of collaboration – internal and external

From Our Coordinator

Make Your Own Opportunities

IoT Next Club represents the forefront of technology in Europe, as we integrate SMEs from different verticals to build a strong community and find ways to collaborate. We believe in the power of cross sector synergies as we put together different players who may benefit from the critical relationships

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